Monique Angele – “Pink Coloured Sky”


Theatrical vocals, a gripping piano-laden melody, and lavish string accompaniments comprise the introduction of “Alive”, which adds percussion around 01:20 as the strings unroll themselves in even more majestic form. A new track from Monique Angele – an emerging Canadian singer-songwriter currently based in Australia – “Pink Coloured Sky” is a dramatic and successful effort that alternates swiftly between ballad-like elegance and Evanescence-like key-led rock power.

The track comes via her new album Alive, releasing on August 25th. “I was inspired to release this album because I wanted to create something that pushed the boundaries in regards to songwriting, production and subject matter,” she explains. “I believe each song dives into the raw emotions and passions of what it feels like to be “alive.” and shows to not be afraid to express oneself fully. The songs range from ethereal bliss, political change, depression and love.”

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