Pale Blue Dot – “I Know”


The emotional, anthemic rock sound of Pale Blue Dot shines throughout their new album Anatomy. Its opening track, “I Know”, shows such fervor from the get-go — featuring a chorus that soars, alongside verses that tout a confident and muscle-y vein of alternative-rock with a tinge of ’90s nostalgia. The vocals do bear a tonal resemblance to Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas, and fondly so, considering the stylistic approach. The Charlottesville-based act’s current lineup consists of LaRocco on vocals and guitar, along with Charlottesville scene favorites Peter Balogh (Congenial Crime) on guitar, Will Reed Thomas (Will Thomas Band) on guitar, Drew Pompano (Jenny Dragon), and Darby Wootten (Tyler Dick Band) on drums. Johnny Stubblefield (Parachute) is on drums and percussion throughout recent recording sessions. Guest musicians include keyboardist Butch Taylor, guitarist Sam Wilson, and John D’Earth.

Stream Anatomy in its entirety below:

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