Sebastian O – “Following Your Eyes”

In Your Room is a new album from Italian musician Sebastian O. Streaming in full below, the album shows a caressing vein of acoustic-forward singer/songwriter, within a lush and melodically memorable aesthetic reminiscent of Camera Obscura. Opening track “Following Your Eyes” is representative nicely of this, opening the album with quaintness and comfort. The track and album in general are fit for mellow, rainy days. As his first LP, In Your Room is a quality showing from Sebastian O, who based the album on minimal arrangements and editing alongside bassist Andrea Lombardini.

“It is true there are some genres that are based on well defined methodological approaches, such as improvisation in jazz music, but in most cases, these are the result of contingent reasons rather than artistic choices,” Sebastian explains. “If we then take into consideration the singer-songwriting world, the methodology has not been part of the creative process at all. My approach to this form of art tries to underline the importance of setting specific frames of methodology for the development of a certain musical project in order to re-establish the conceptual priority of the gesture over the shape. It is important for the artist to first define the gestural aim before exploring the form.”

Mike Mineo

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