Shawna Virago – “Tranimal”

San Francisco transgender music icon Shawna Virago releases a passionate, acoustical track with “Tranimal”. Accompanied by a music video (below), the track is a response to hate and intolerance. “This country needs this trans-anthem more than ever before,” says Virago, “They can’t keep us down — and what better time to fight back and declare our power than Pride Month?” The timely release plays sincerely. Virago describes the urgency behind the track: “This is the story of my generation – a generation of transgender people who came out long before the internet, before transgender celebrities and reality TV stars … before anybody gave a shit about us.”

Her new album Heaven Sent Delinquent features “acoustic storytelling songs articulating escape – real or imagined – by a cast of outsiders, queer rebels and loners. Each song spinning an odyssey by these escape artists: from stifling, oppressive, dusty towns; from the crushing weight of a questionable past; from the potential violence transpeople face every day.”

Mike Mineo

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