Spragga Benz – “Spread Out”

Revered in the dancehall and shotta niches, Spragga Benz is releasing his new album Chiliagon, a collaboration album that includes acts like Harry Shotta, Akala, and General Levy. It features various approaches, from jump-up Junglist rave bangers to bass music and boom-bap hip-hop. Album single “Spread Out” touches on a variety of them, touting the infectiousness fans have come to expect. Spragga Benz, born Carlton Grant, has been churning out similar styles since the early ’90s, and with this release is now working with the likes of Rodney P, Harry Shotta, Doc Brown, Illaman, Killa P and Black Josh along with productions from Zed Bias, Sukh Knight, Cadenza, Hype and Fever.

Mike Mineo

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