Sundaes – “Laundry Day”


“Folding laundry time is dreaming time, I’m going for the gold,” are the lyrics that open the engrossing “Laundry Day”, a new track from Nashville act Sundaes. The vocal presence is quite reminiscent of Lou Reed, with the emerging flicker of a guitar at the 01:21 mark adding to the chills. A rhythmically accompanied, distorted guitar presence emerges a minute later, evolving a quaint day of laundry on a Sunday into more visceral thrills. It concludes with this more distorted guitar tone, pulling listeners into its serene abyss. “Laundry Day” is a fine piece of songwriting from this rising act, who made their performance debut in the spring of 2015 with a set of two sold out shows at the Chelsea Hotel.

Mike Mineo

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