Five Musical Subjects You Can Learn Online Now

Nobody is too old to learn a new skill; whether it’s picking up an instrument, learning to DJ or teaching yourself to pen a top hit – there is simply something out there for everyone. And, with modern technological advancements and the widespread accessibility of the internet, learning music online has never been easier!  

We discuss the wide variety of musical topics available to study online, helping all types of people to expand their knowledge and increase their skill sets.

Musical instruments

Learning to play a musical instrument remotely has become very popular in recent times, providing a convenient and flexible solution to physical classroom lessons. Instead, personal music tutors can connect with students from anywhere in the world via a one-to-one Skype video session, whereby they are able to see and hear them perform and offer professional guidance throughout.

Likewise, there are now many people who have set up their own YouTube channels and are dedicated to helping other would-be musicians perfect their hobby, by producing high-definition video tutorials on how to teach yourself to play all types of mainstream instrument, such as the piano, guitar, and saxophone.

Music Production

If you have always wanted to make cutting-edge electronic beats and tunes which could rival those of your favorite producer, then perhaps one of the many fantastic online music production courses out there are just what you’re looking for. These range from full two-year university degrees, to learning the basics which students can pick up in just a matter of months. Moreover, many of these online classes are curated by well-known music producers themselves, which guarantees high-quality instruction is on the agenda.


Believe it or not, you can now even learn to DJ via the web, with online video tutorials and entire classes available, catering to students who are complete beginners, right through to the seasoned pros.

Provided you are ready to invest in the right DJ equipment and tools available, as well as making use of the many fantastic DJ apps out there, you’ll be well on your way to spinning the decks in your favorite nightclub in no time!


For the talented writers amongst us, penning a great tune is what motivates us to keep going. However, to be truly fantastic, we need to possess an understanding of musical theory, composition and lyrical content writing. Now, aspiring songwriters can acquire this knowledge by undertaking an online song-writing class, helping them to learn all the techniques needed to become a success. There is also the option to buy beats from other songwriters.

Music industry knowledge

Many people do not wish to make their own music and instead, their passion lies in guiding talented musicians towards the path to success. There are many online classes whereby such individuals can learn all about the ins and outs of the music industry, including how to score record deals and negotiate contracts, as well as music distribution, professional networking, and how to effectively market musicians in the modern world.

With a wide range of options available, it is incredibly easy to learn and hone your musical craft without even having to venture out of the house, making music education widely accessible for everyone, including those who are less able-bodied, live in remote areas, or lack the time or flexibility required to attend physical lessons.

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