Posted August 9, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Jared Weiss – “Isolated Thunderstorms”

The opening track off Jared Weiss’ new full-length of the same name, “Isolated Thunderstorms” is a rousing rocker that succeeds in its fervent, timeless sound. The NYC-based Weiss does well with a vocal presence that’s convincing, leading the way apart from the enjoyable bridge around 01:36, when keys, guitars, and a very active rhythm section combine for a great showing.

“Isolated Thunderstorms is an auto-biographical confessional, born out of a life or death need to tell the truth,” Jared says. “I threw away the love of my life because I was too sick to care. My mind was warped. I hit rock bottom. What choices did I make to get me to this place of isolation? I order to re-examine the tragic, macabre moments of my life, I first had to embrace them. I don’t know if I understand them, but ‘Isolated Thunderstorms’ is my response to my examination.”

Stream the album in full below:

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