Kate Fenner – “Two Minds”

Middle Voice is a new full-length from NYC singer/songwriter Kate Fenner. “I recorded the bed tracks for this album after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and slated for surgery to remove it,” she explains. “This diagnoses itself came after a fallow period of illness and getting sober. I had started to write again, and wanted to capture my voice on tape in the event that something went awry in the surgery (very unlikely, but a good excuse to record).”

The emotional period in which Fenner wrote the album is felt in her sincere vocals and lyrical content. Opening track “Two Minds” rides on her increasingly passionate vocals, guitars, and accompanying organs. The lyrics are concise, seemingly capturing aspects of human sensory that can go overlooked: “Bright mute, dull roar / Bright shock, no more / Straight time, no swing / Beginning beginning / Driving without stopping.”

“The Divorce”, with its brass-y presence, is another recommendation. Stream the album in full below:

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