Posted August 2, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Laverne – “Soba Noodles”

Chicago act Laverne impress with new track “Soba Noodles”, featuring a sweltering and captivating vocal lead over hypnotic guitars and sonorous backing vocal touches. Per the act, the track is “about two lovers brought together by food, TV and drink, only in happenstance to drift apart anyhow. This is Laverne’s epic heartache ballad for summertime blues.” The vocal presence reminds of Hamilton Leithauser’s fiercely emotional delivery, with the track picking up just past the four-minute mark, when the lead swells and the backing vocals float hazily in accompaniment. Jeff Buckley comes to mind as well. Either way, “Soba Noodles” is a powerful and successful effort from this rising Chicago act.

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