Abandon The Fall – “Enemy”

Abandon The Fall is a project that showcases a nostalgic rock sound with industrial and EDM elements. A&R Factory compared the project’s track “Enemy” to listening to “Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory for the first time … the chill that crept across you as you drank in the melancholy which was wrapped around the Alt Rock EDM anthemic hits.”

“This song came through a culmination of bands that I grew up listening to,” Abandon The Fall explains. “Each having an influence on the shape and feel of the record. As a songwriter I’m really inspired by the likes of the late great Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and Jonathan Davis (KoRn). Over on the production side I’m really inspired by the likes of Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and again, Linkin Park. There are so many influences behind Abandon The Fall, but for this particular song Linkin Park and Nine Inch Nails were the driving forces.”

“The concept behind the record lies in the battles that we face against ourselves. We all go through them. Those challenges are inevitable in ones lifetime. The record is not so much to put sorrow or pain on display, but to shed a light on something that plagues so many. I believe that coming open and talking about the struggles does more than by keeping quiet about it.”

Ominous guitar fragments do well in establishing an interesting introduction, the “falling victim to my own mind,” vocals emitting an emo/industrial feel that plays well with audible yearning. A bit of a Nine Inch Nails feel is apparent in the clanky, evolving rhythmic presence. The “Running from myself / falling deeper,” transition at around the one-minute mark leads well to the “refrain myself” uptick in distortion around 01:15. I enjoy how the track escalates with emotional fervor while still retaining a sense of minimalism. The “All I wanna do,” repetition cements the authentic emotional ferocity — the final minute or so succeeding in relaying a sense of torment.

Mike Mineo

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