Posted September 17, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Folk

Edward Glen – “Longfellow Bridge”

Edward Glen’s “Longfellow Bridge” kicks in with a warm, twangy guitar lead and shimmering backing acoustics, alongside a simple though effective rhythm section. Lo-fi though melodic vocals – fairly reminiscent of Wolf Parade – emerges thereafter. “Sail away with you,” leads into the percussive-laden bridge that works nicely, while the enchanting synth-laden backing around 01:15 that marks a melodic transition and hook — “darling, your presence is like lightning,” in particular. The party-like vocal bit at 01:33 another great, subtle addition as we’re brought back to the warm and twangy guitar from the intro. 03:20 to about 04:00 provides some great, psych-friendly variation to help lead into the crunchy, excitable conclusion. Finishing it off, the arpeggio around 04:20 helps maintain the exciting melodic fervor. This is a quality track from Edward Glen.


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