Posted October 23, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Josh Thorpe – “The Light”

Gently swaying guitars and a warm, Lou Reed-like vocal lead gives “The Light” a captivating feel from the get-go. The “I like the day / I like the night,” transition approaching the one-minute mark provides enough subtle variation to maintain interest. It works well again at the two-minute mark. The final minute or so shows great expansion in the guitar work, adding a nice melodic lead to the underlying rhythm guitar that continues to permeate. I dig the laid-back, suave rock vibes of this effort — certainly an aesthetic that is captured well. This is a fine effort from Josh Thorpe, a Canadian painter, writer, and songwriter now living in Glasgow, UK. After years of making experimental and ambient music, he’s giving a successful go at a more rock-oriented format.

Stream his new album, Scrappy Art Rock You Can Dance To, below:

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