Lucinda Belle – “I’ll Be Loving You”


“I’ll Be Loving You” is a timeless-sounding gem from Lucinda Belle. Considered a prodigy at the harp when she was a child, Lucinda now crafts music with “smoky jazz-noir rhythms” and nods to vintage pop. Her status as a sought-after harpist and singer in the pop and jazz world has led to Lucinda working with the likes of Natalie Cole, Annie Lennox, Robbie Williams, Pet shop Boys, and Gregory Porter. As a solo artist, she churns out quality tracks like “I’ll Be Loving You,” which is a great introduction to her new album Think Big : Like Me.

“This song was the first song written on my forthcoming album Think Big : Like Me,” Lucinda explains. “I remember feeling so raw in my emotions at the time, that I was crying and laughing at my crying in between verses. It was the song that began the album, it represents the feeling of moving on..letting go – I wanted to write something with groove, depth and sentimentality.”

“I wanted authenticity all the way, so I chose Toe Rag which meant I cut this song using an 8 track 50’s recording studio in two live takes. The warmth you feel on this recording isn’t digitally manufactured it’s from a 1950s pre amps, spring verbs and desk.”

“I’ll Be Loving You” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of October 2018’ Spotify playlist.

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