ODDSn_nds – “Land Astronaut”


“Land Astronaut” is a consuming new track from ODDSn_nds, the project of Dan Rodriguez, who describes himself as ” a blues guitarist who doesn’t write blues music, misses ’90s rock, isn’t afraid to explore and experiment; however, I aim to maintain at least a lettuce shred of ‘pop sensibility’ underneath it all.”

The track maintains a driving guitar backbone, developing from the initial acoustical glide into more electric alt-rock forays toward the conclusion. A lush synth pad often accompanies Rodriguez’ vocals to begin, becoming particularly memorable when the chorus hits at the one-minute mark — where synth glistening alongside a very melodic vocal presence makes for a moment worth replaying. From here, the track begins its ascent into more alternative-rock territory, electric guitar entering around 01:30 and gripping from there on. The backing synth work lends nicely to a gripping soundscape, showing an audible love for ’90s rock as well as atmospheric experimentation. “Land Astronaut” is very enjoyable.

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Indie Rock 2018.

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