Steve Giles – “The Golden Hour”


“The Golden Hour” is a great piece of developmental songwriting, evolving from wintry folk minimalism into an expansive arsenal with ruminating rhythms and haunting vocals. The track is the first from Steve Giles’ upcoming release This World And The Next, which releases tomorrow (10/31). The general atmosphere and guitar progression does bear a resemblance to Radiohead, the mood initially reminding me of “Daydreaming.”

The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter describes this effort as “a meditation on mortality and grief, a longing for a lost love that has passed away and the (perhaps delusional) call to join them, the contemplation of suicide as a means to be reunited again. An inner voice whispering to a vulnerable soul during a traumatic time. The “Golden Hour” is a term often used in filming when the sun is setting and the light is at it’s most gorgeous. I thought that was a beautiful metaphor for the final moments of a life, trying to capture that beautiful light before it slips away.”

The entirety of This World And The Next sounds very promising. Give it a listen via Giles’ Soundcloud.

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