The Rungs – “King of Books”


The Rungs are a Brooklyn-based act that show a moody, yearning synth-led pop sound on new track “King of Books.” Per the act, the track “captures that moment in a toxic relationship when the rose colored glasses are lifted.” The vocal repetition of “you’re no good for me,” works with rewarding hypnotic effect over synths and subtle guitars. The instrumental break at 01:50 provides some effervescence, the hypnotic synth melody and backing guitars playing well. The nocturnal vibe is enjoyably reminiscent of TOPS at points.

“King of Books” is the third single off The Rungs’ upcoming EP, Everyday Visions, releasing on 11/09.

Buy the track on Bandcamp here. The track will be live on Spotify tomorrow (10/19).

Mike Mineo

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