Posted November 14, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Daniel Wiggins – “In Anonymity”

“In Anonymity” is a showing in captivating rock-driven atmosphere from Perth-based artist Daniel Wiggins. Clock-ticking and ghoul-ish vocal whispering gives off an ominous feel to start, gripping my attention when the subsequent, suave guitar licks enter. The vocal emergence at 00:53 coincides with an interesting and effective percussive shuffle, aligning with the crawling guitars for a satisfying industrial-rock/pop feel.

There’s an inventive transition at 01:38 into a more effervescent hook, with the brighter synth pad aligning with the “stay away from me,” vocal hook. 01:38 onward is consuming — the track has built cohesively to this point, and from thereafter manages to captivate with a melody that’s simultaneously effervescent and enjoyably ominous, certainly fit for the autumnal months. The guitar solo just past the three-minute mark a great production choice to divvy up the sections. I enjoy the smattering of keys alongside the guitar and soaring vocals in the conclusion, as well.

“In Anonymity” is one of multiple highlights on Wiggins’ new album of the same name, streaming in full below:

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