Posted December 3, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Electro-Pop

Fetherstone – “Ticket To You (Unspoken Stories)”

The introduction of “Ticket to You” – a brand new track from London-based artist Fetherstone – flickers with effervescent synths, as the vocal emergence at 00:14 and quick accompaniment of guitars + mellow keys begins to assemble a captivating soundscape. The pulsating bridge at 00:43 leads to the climax at the one-minute mark, where rousing vocals combine with piano and scorching-hot guitar lines for a memorable moment. Male vocals in the second series of verses adds some nice tonal variation. The chorus’ reprisal at around 02:28 works just as well as its initial push. Overall, the track is lively and melodically consuming throughout — a well-produced and engaging effort.

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