Scotty Seed – “Pig”

“Pig” is a track off Scotty Seed’s recent 3-song release Single. The artist – a Jersey native who presently creates music in the East Village, NYC and Williamsburg, Brooklyn – conjures a nostalgic vein of rock on highlight “Pig,” which touts a grunge-friendly sound with raucous vocals, a hypnotic bass line, and steady percussion. The repeating “screw you,” toward the conclusion relays angst in apt form, the attitude-heavy vocals playing well aesthetically over the murky guitars. “My sound differs from different artists/bands because it has a lot of nostalgia but a spark of originality,” Scotty says. “My music represents the past, present, and future.” Certainly, “Pig” does well in capturing sentiments of various periods — channeling ’90s nostalgia with a degree of originality. Stream the release on your preferred platform here.

Mike Mineo

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