Alex McArtor – “Party’s Over”


“Party’s Over” is a showcase in striking vocals and gripping songwriting from Alex McArtor, an impressive 16-year-old singer/songwriter. The track begins as a piano ballad, evolving with sporadic guitar twangs that eventually lead into gentle acoustical caresses. The two-minute mark sees a rhythmic expansion, the full-bodied feel recalling Spiritualized’s knack for stadium-sized rock. During this section, McArtor captivates with a powerful vocal presence amidst the escalating instrumentation. The snarling “where you gone,” section caps it off with convincing emotional furor. The track’s development from impressive though straight-heading piano ballad into something with unique rock-forward power is something to behold.

“This one of the initial songs from my first album, Spoken Word,” Alex says. “My heart got broken when my family moved from Austin to Dallas and my so-called friends turned their backs on me.”

Another highlight from McArtor, “Burning Fleeting Love” also develops from lusher beginnings into a psych-forward sound with David Gilmour vibes on guitar:

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