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Brendon Moon’s debut album, released earlier this month, is a beautifully dreamy showcase of lush vocals, glistening guitars, and melodic songwriting. Moon’s vocals are among the most strikingly unique you’ll hear, melodically blissful in their emotive and androgynous tone. Among the release’s numerous highlights is “Girl,” a culmination of the many things Moon does well. A quaint and nocturnal guitar line is the initial accompaniment to Moon’s lullaby-set vocals, which soon ascend with soaring emotion alongside the growing swell of trickling guitars. “Girl” and the rest of the album is serene, easy listening.

Brendon had the following to say about the album’s process:

I had been working on the songs for some time and at the start of 2017 the decision came to get a band together to further develop the sound and what could be made of the songs I had written.After our debut band show in May 2017,I immediately knew we had to get these songs onto an album, they just felt so right. Making a full-length record was something I had always wanted to do. In August 2017 the band and I went into the studio to make it happen. Since then I have released two singles from the record and played multiple supporting and headlining shows across Sydney. The songs definitely developed a connection with more so overtime for me,rather than instantly.Lyrically most of my songs can be seen as open to interpretation. I have a close connection with this kind of writing and theme, as it’s how I feel music is as a subject. A song can be very different from one person to the next and it’s the feeling, subject and emotion that has the varying impact.I tend to flow with the songs natural direction and feel. Song writing is definitely something you can’t force or control.

Stream Moon’s debut album below:

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