Carl Schilde – “Top 40”


“Top 40” is a beautiful new track from Carl Schilde, an artist from West Berlin and presently based in Toronto. Per Schilde, the track “was inspired by a disappointing experience in LA, feeling out of place and out of time in the music world.” His vocals bear a fond likeness to the later years of Leonard Cohen and Jarvis Cocker, where a husky sort of nonchalance plays with a consuming nature. Musically, swaying guitars and surf-like twangs are accompanied gradually by serene synths, adding to the track’s lush and dreamy feel, with some melancholic retrospection apparent. “Top 40” is an engaging and atmospheric trip.

The track was written, performed, arranged and produced by Schilde in Toronto, with the music video shot on 8mm film in Los Angeles. Carl is also one half of Playdate, whose fully improvised debut album Manitoulin Tapes will be releasing in the near future.

Mike Mineo

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