Eye-C – “Day Trip”

Eye-C’s “Day Trip” shows a gripping atmospheric presence and build-up, beginning with washed-out synths that project a whirring energy. Percussive fragments emerge shortly thereafter, followed by low-pitched nonchalant vocals, crafting an intriguing and nocturnal feel. Percussion assumes a more playful feel as the one-minute mark approaches, the vocals and synths merging shortly thereafter as the track’s melody comes together more cohesively. This mid-section of the track is quite enjoyable, giving off a pleasant R&B vibe. With the Grammys on this Sunday, it reminds of some of the promising artists featured. Many of the nominees are actually fairly new, with a domination of the R&B genre. As we read inĀ this article, H.E.R. seems to be the favorite to win Best Artist. On “Day Trip,” the melodic enhancement to the vocal lead around 02:15 is another great touch. Overall, this track evolves from interesting minimalism into one that impresses with soulfully suave vocals and a nocturnal feel.

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