Hollowlove – “I Love My Computer”


Obsession with technology is something most of us have experienced at some point. Technology is so immerse and ingrained in society at this point, that obsession to some degree can be unavoidable. Touting a throbbing 98bpm four-on-the-floor groove, “I Love My Computer” is a stylish electronic track from Vancouver act Hollowlove, released today, that explores technological absorption over futuristic, driving production. Ryan Slemko’s full-ranged vocals lead, stretching seamlessly from high falsetto to bass. Hollowlove produce their sound with original, hardware analog synths or acoustic recordings, devoid of any samples.

Keith Gillard created the track’s central groove right around the timen Slemko was leaving a failed start-up. Per Hollowlove, “the lyrics and vocal melody reflect Ryan’s darkly humorous inner monologue, coming to terms with all the beautiful summer days he’d missed while focusing on a dead end job.” Gillard captured these sentiments audibly with bursts of computer noise and a technological tint, using the ARP 2600 (the same synth used in building the voice of R2-D2). Aptly enough, the vocal arrangement devolves into something increasingly robotic.

The track’s accompanying music video “plays with footage that is so horribly compressed that the subjects, including the band members, are turned into creepy, unrecognizable blobs,” — a continuation of the ongoing theme, with technology having the potential to extract personality and individuality from its participants.

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Catchy Electro and Synth-Pop.

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