Sunshine Brothers Inc. – “That Way”


“That Way” is a shimmering, infectious rocker from Sunshine Brothers Inc. and their newest release, JERRY EP. Last year, their track “So Bad to Me” was one of my favorite indie-rockers of the year, so it’s great to hear this EP tout such quality — ranging from bursting rockers like “That Way” to the suave bass-led swankiness of “In Your Dreams.” Specifically, “That Way” benefits from dreamy guitars to start, with twangy adornments arriving prior to the two-minute mark as the yearning vocals take a reprieve. “That Way” is among the highlights on this impressive new EP.

Frontman Jake Weissman has the following to say about the EP:

“The record was written and tracked over the last year or so between my bedroom at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and Big Nice Studios in Rhode Island. We tried to balance our surf tendencies with a sort of bigger 80’s, synth-heavy sound and I think it created a cool atmosphere throughout. Sometimes it calls you to the dancefloor, other times it leaves you floating somewhere in the water. The songs themselves deal with pretty straightforward pop themes- love, desire, escape, youth, etc. They’re a culmination of our experiences out here growing as people and as a band after a big year, and have become a sort of soundtrack to our time spent together in college, whether we’re hanging out, playing shows, or whatever.”

Stream the JERRY EP below:

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