Ivor Lane – “I Wait Too Long”

Ivor Lane crafts moving, atmospheric songs with slowcore appeal, influenced by ’90s shoegaze, Nico, and ambient music — all of which value tactful melodic journeys and rewards patience. The Chicago-based artist shows as such with new track “I Wait Too Long,” the first single from Ivor’s Postplay EP, releasing March 29th. Frailly enjoyable vocals and haunting piano-laden resonance build with fervor, as the mid-point adds some textural undercurrents with a bass-forward pull. Aesthetically, I’m reminded fondly of The Antlers’ Hospice.

Ivor has the following to say about the upcoming EP:

I was in a very dark and isolated emotional place when I wrote this album. But at my core, I am extremely optimistic, I think you can hear that in this record. I was inspired by 90’s shoegaze music, most notably Slowdive for the texture and sounds in the songs, and folk singers such as Nico for my vocal performance and soul bearing lyrical content. I want this album to help folks who are sad, by being a friendly voice that doesn’t try to heal them, but sits with them as they are, and helps them reflect.

“I Wait Too Long” and other memorable tracks from February can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of February 2019’ Spotify playlist.

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