John War – “Plurals”


“Plurals” is a track released today from Los Angeles (via San Diego) producer/singer/songwriter John War, showcasing his versatility and eclectic sonic reach. The track’s main hook, first emerging just past the one-minute mark, is a glistening, pop-forward success. The verses throughout the track range from lush guitar-pop to glitch-leaning electronica, with some hip-hop percussion as well. The track’s inspirations include Car Seat Headrest, J Dilla, Frank Ocean, and the Avalanches, with the alternation between variety-filled verses and accessible chorus-fixated pop meshing with the masterful plunderphonics.

“I originally wrote this song in 2017 about the end of a relationship, but I recently heard it again and realized it’s more about how the internet’s starting to change my relationships in general. Our culture’s endless content loop is making us addicted to immediate gratification, and it gives us overwhelmingly layered expectations for everything and everyone,” John says. “When you have a lens on the whole world, it can be hard to not want more. But who’s to say you shouldn’t? In the context of this song, it sucks to find your partner has romantic FOMO, but what if it leads to positive change for both of you? Is love a finite resource? I don’t know. But if we can’t opt out of our chaotic reality, maybe we can at least learn to see the entropy as a good thing.”

“Plurals” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of March 2019’ Spotify playlist.

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