Video: Ellen Warkentine – “Nonsense Mouth”


“Nonsense Mouth” is chapter two of Ellen Warkentine’s striking series of the same name. This track continues the journey set forth by “Thanatos,” following the “heroine’s journey” into the unconscious, the “dark forest,” where the heroine is confronted with the creatures of her psyche who lead her further into layers of her being.” Building from delicate piano, the track expands into a beautiful orchestral-laden development shortly after the one-minute mark.

Warkentine is a singer/songwriter from Long Beach, California, who shows a penchant for rousing chamber-pop with orchestral vigor throughout “Nonsense Mouth.” Piano shifts from delicate to an empowering push, with strings both serving as a backing accompaniment and up-front force. Warkentine’s vocals are just as versatile, evolving from the verses’ lushness to the climax’s uptick in energy. Visually invigorating lyrical imagery adds to the very cinematic feel, which – when accompanied by the video – results in a consuming artistic experience. Fans of St. Vincent, Owen Pallett, and Joanna Newsom are quite likely to enjoy Warkentine’s material.

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