Video: Lindenfield – “Punk Mom”


Los Angeles-based musician and producer impresses with the track “Punk Mom,” a track off his recent 5-track release Punk Family. The track’s music video released today, after premiering on Vents Magazine. A concise, exciting effort – coming in at under two minutes – the track shows an onslaught of fervent vocals and guitars, leading to a lusher bridge at 01:23 that lasts for, well, a second or two — in enjoyably chaotic form.

“Punk Mom is all about my actual mother,” Lindenfield says. “She’s a voracious reader, dedicated journaler, and feminist badass. I tried to capture as much of her as I could in the song and video. Obviously, the lyrics are about her but if you listen at the end, you’ll hear the melody from the end of Mahler’s 2nd Symphony, her favorite. We also shot the video in the house my mom grew up in. We superimposed her face onto an old painting that you see at the beginning and you can see a bust of my mom at 10 years old sitting on the piano.”

The release the track comes from, Punk Family, successfully pursues the concept of a family-focused punk record. Whereas many punk album focus on youthful rebellion, Lindenfield wanted to give this release a twist. “When I think about spending time with my family, I plan on feeling angsty around them and having a lot of fun. Punk was the genre that mirrored my family experience the best.”

Staying consistent with the familial theme, Lindenfield has released Punk Family in physical form as a box of cereal. “I wanted to give people something to munch on while they listen to the record,” he says. His Kickstarter to fund the production of the cereal boxes successfully funded in just 10 days. Lindenfield clearly values creativity in addition to a consuming sound that impresses with power and melody.

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