Premiere: Kai Orion – “Tiny World”


Showing shades of later era Talk Talk, “Tiny World” is a striking new track from Kai Orion, off his forthcoming album Start to End (out 4/28). The track features a suavely entrancing vocal presence accompanied by fleeting flutes, a jazzy rhythm section, dramatic organs, and a Talk Talk-esque melodic pull. It’s an engrossing effort from start to finish, one that has us anticipating the upcoming full-length. Start to End is the follow-up to Kai’s debut Pots & Pans, which utilized “only found-sounds from different everyday scenes as instruments to accompany vocals.”

“In this album, I continue the experimental/found-sound exploration but with a more accessible format, using traditional rock instruments alongside less conventional sounds like wine glasses, found percussion, and beatbox flute,” Kai says. “For example, the main guitar “riff” in Tiny World was played on a homemade cigar-box resonator guitar. I also wanted to go for a more organic, live sound – as opposed to the electronic feel of my last album – and I was experimenting with mic placement and recording everything at a distance within the same space.”

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