Sonia Barcelona – “Violent Water”


Sonia Barcelona’s new track “Violent Water” is a beautifully developing rocker. Serene beginnings feature the artist’s accessible vocal presence and minimal guitars, with the “violent water,” bridge showing escalating guitars and elegant wordless backing vocals. The “don’t stop,” hit of guitar distortion at the 47-second mark is blissfully hypnotic, firmly revealing the track’s rock sentiments in addition to its more tranquilly captivating verses. This more distorted section really takes off after the two-minute mark, where an additional soaring guitar line accompanies an increasingly impassioned vocal presence — the “don’t stop,” repetition remaining enjoyably hypnotic.

I first took notice of Sonia’s work with the beautiful track “The Girl,” a more subdued success. With tracks like “Violent Water,” it’s very cool to see a more rock-forward capability as well from this rising artist, who was born in Guam and raised in Las Vegas, NV.

Sonia has the following to say about “Violent Water”:

Violent Water was originally a 2 track looper song I created in my bedroom. As I got into the recording studio with a good friend, we transformed it into a big and full track. During that time I got in touch with some filmmakers who were amazingly talented and wanted to work with me on making music video for “Violent Water.” Because I couldn’t afford the budget, I soon ran a Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded and then we were on our way to filming an incredible music video that was inspired by the work of Georges Melies. This video and song would not have come to life if it weren’t for the amazing community in Vegas. It was funded, created, and acted by an all Vegas community.

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