C William – “All My Senses”


“All My Senses” is a very catchy, soulful new track from Swedish artist C William. The Linköping-born artist began incorporating more electronic aspects into his sound late last year, which – infused with his R&B vocal sensibilities and pop songwriting talents – culminates in the stellar sound on “All My Senses,” a very successful debut single. Nocturnal synths and a lush bass drive complement lush vocals to start, though it’s not long before C William’s vocals escalate with funk-pop charisma, hand-in-hand with the rise of key-laden intensity and entrancing guitar licks. “All My Senses” tempts many re-listens with its addictive melody and striking vocal presence, capped by a fervently invigorating finale.

“For me, the song is a kind of homage to self-doubt; the many and sometimes long moments when you wonder what the hell you’re doing,” the artist says. “That was where this song started and, luckily, also was finished. I said to myself many times that I should just give up, admit that I haven’t got a chance. But every time there was something that picked me up. This song somehow kept the dream alive and made me keep on working.”

“Apart from what many people think, I believe that doubt is absolutely necessary to be able to find ones way forward and get where you wanna go. Like a guide that handles a bellypunch whenever you’re on the wrong way – to make you realize you have to lift your head up and look around. It was in those moments that I could really pick myself up and gain new momentum.”

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