Premiere: Andy The Crocodile – “Hope”


We’re happy to premiere “Hope,” a new track from Indian singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Andy The Crocodile (born Anand Manivannan). The artist possesses vibrant, nicely fluctuating vocals, a range that first becomes apparent around 01:22. Quaint guitar work starts things off, with a pit-pattering rhythm section and Manivannan’s vocals comprising the bulk of the initial arsenal. Additional guitar flourishes emerge later, especially during the bridge past the two-minute mark, which add some nice twinkling keys as well. “Hope” is a pleasant track for certain, off Andy The Crocodile upcoming Scars & Wounds EP, out on June 8th.

“”Scars & Wounds” is about those people in life you never outgrow, but carry with you as a mark on your soul, cursed with the scars that echo through your reveries but endowed with the memory of being touched by an angel,” the artist says.

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