Voyce Memos – “Division”

Houston-based trio Voyce Memos recently released their album Catching Me in Stride, a stellar culmination of electro-pop, rock, and dance — as evident by lead single “Division.” Sharp guitar trickles and a nocturnal synth pad lead the arsenal at first, with vocals assuming a halted delivery to add a climactic feel. The drop of synth arpeggios at 01:22 brings the track to infectious territory. Extra goodness arrives in the sax solo, as the three-minute mark approaches. Nighttime synths and a chill synth arpeggio accompany the entrancing saxophone lead, as vocals emerge for one last go-round to conclude this hypnotic track.

The album can be streamed via Spotify here.

Voyce Memos elaborate on the album and project in general below:

“This album, and musical endeavor in general, stems from much introspection and self (and non-self) awareness. Sometimes a moment or series of events comes along in life that changes a lot of what you thought to be “true”, like the way things are supposed to be, or how you’re supposed to love, or where you’re supposed to work and live etc. Opening a music studio, learning how to produce, and deciding to create an album was the result of that moment, and the album title “Catching Me in Stride” was the attempt at catching that type of emotion, especially when it came to relationships. The most exciting thing about it was that there was never a point where we decided to say “let’s stick to this type of music or sound or vocal.” We decided to let whatever came to mind and sound be exactly how it felt, and that lended itself to quite a variety of sounds on the album, while still being very much connected in theme. Us three, having various styles and influences growing up, ended up creating something we feel is quite it’s own. We know where we feel the influence when we hear it, but the end product always sounds unique and fresh. There are moments scattered throughout the album that bring out strong emotions, whether that be longing, confusion, sadness, anger, or understanding, and we believe it finally arrives at acceptance with the crescendo at the very end of the album on “Argentine.” This album has something for everyone in both musical taste and emotional connection and we hope you all enjoy it.”

“Division” and other memorable tracks released in April be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of April 2019’ Spotify playlist.

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