Look Vibrant – “The Good Truth”


Following the impressive “Cherish Everything,” Look Vibrant has released another track from their forthcoming sophomore album (also entitled Cherish Everything). “The Good Truth” is the last track on the album, though was the first track the Montreal-based act wrote for the album. The track exudes an enjoyably frenetic vibe reminiscent of !!! (Chk Chk Chk) to start, with vocal sections aided by distorted guitars and blooping keys. Percussive pit-pattering around 01:30 marks a striking transition — with the word “violence,” repeated over trickling guitars and ominous synths. It’s a striking and infectious moment, especially considering the lyrical approach. Band member Justin Lazarus wrote the track after witnessing “pejorative behavior perpetrated by a US border agent toward a father entering the country to see his children. The song unfolds as an unforgiving case-history of power abuse narrated from the perspective of the victim.”

“The Good Truth” is a powerful and infectious track, off an album that’s poised to be a winner.

Mike Mineo

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