L’Resorts – “Yeah Everything”


Ahead of their self-titled debut album releasing on July 19th, L’Resorts have unveiled the music video for their single “Yeah Everything.” Led by members Vincent Kircher (of rock band Jaill) and Martha Cannon (of Americana band Lady Cannon), L’Resorts impress with a breezy sound with power-pop and rock aspects, showing shades of Velvet Underground, Magnetic Fields, and Camera Obscura, aesthetically. On “Yeah Everything” there’s an enjoyably carefree feel throughout, with the laid-back vocal duet being aided by catchy marimba riffs and mellow guitars. Based on this track and from what I’ve heard so far off L’Resorts’ upcoming album, this is a project with a convincing sound that relays a certain nostalgic suaveness, recalling sun-shining ’60s West Coast pop with a modern indie-pop meshing.

Mike Mineo

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