Luke Janela – “Take a Sudden Turn”


“Take a Sudden Turn” is a powerful track from California-based singer/songwriter Luke Janela. His music incorporates his talents as a cellist, guitarist, and singer/songwriter — specifically, showing a consuming ability to craft moods within rousing, developing melodies. The track comes ahead of new album A RIVAL, out on 7/31. The album explores the fascinating element of experiencing a new vantage point, along with the internal battles that can arise as a result. Janela’s previous album, 2018’s Deep Archer, pursued issues of loss and departure, while A RIVAL addresses coming to terms, acceptance, and revelations that come thereafter. Regarding the album title: “The “rival” along the way often turns out to have been oneself, and the place you end up to can feel like a return.”

A striking showcase in mood and building melodies, “Take a Sudden Turn” is led by an understated vocal presence, which tonally recalls a grunge-forward sound. The acoustic swipes and quaint percussion are steadily accompanied by creeping strings, which by the three-minute mark reveals itself as a deeply layered and moving pursuit. “There’s no one else here,” the vocals repeat at one point, a lonely echo permeating throughout the hypnotic guitars. “Take a Sudden Turn” grips and never quite lets go.

“‘Take A Sudden Turn’ is an unexpected single,” Janela says. “In terms of singles, it is a longer, and the structure is not conventional. But the song takes the listener on a journey, and envelopes inside a warm glow of lush cellos, booming beats, and snapping fingers. Thematically, the song is about a journey, facing oneself, and finding direction. Musically, experimental combinations of instruments and back up vocals manage to propel it through. It’s a great song for eyes closed listening with good headphones.”

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