Mr. Max – “I Wish I Loved Someone”


Max Cohen is a multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, crafting spirited and catchy material under the name Mr. Max. His incorporation of everything from punk to funk has been evident on past releases, like “Let’s Get Cucked Up,” and his fifth and most recent release “I Wish I Loved Someone” is one that pursues an aesthetic reminiscent of “a retro ’70s ballad, with hints of psych-rock and soul.” It’s an infectious, bright effort with various eclectic touches — from the lush synth-pop interlude at 02:50 to the shimmering rock chorus, which reminds aesthetically of Smith Westerns.

“The lyrics detail the respective viewpoints of lovers with ‘less power’ and ‘more power’ in an intimate relationship,” Max says. “The song ultimately concludes that, despite the power struggles people tend to play in shallow relationships, we all wish to love and be loved authentically.” The track was produced by Alex Arias.

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