Fish House – “Better for It”


“Better for It” is a consuming track from Fish House, a Boston-based band of longtime friends — who made a vow in elementary school to form a band together, and have certainly kept that promise. The trio of Jake Benavidez, Adam Jacey and Kyle Torr-Brown grew up in Mystic, Connecticut. In 2017, they moved into a Boston apartment together. 2018 brought an EP, Burns from the Rope, with opener “Young People” achieving nice recognition (200k+ Spotify streams).

“Better for It” is a new track release from the band, showcasing the continued refinement of their sound and approach. The soaring vocal ascension shortly after the one-minute mark is gracefully accomplished, the production and stellar engagement reminiscent of Steely Dan. The talented musicianship is evident, especially the fact that this is a band with ample experience working together. The “running through the night,” verses — with its lush, swaying pull — contrasts well with the chorus’ ascension, all while remaining cohesive in the midst of piano, guitars, and vibrant rhythms. “Better for It” is a nice accomplishment from this rising trio.

The band adds the following regarding the track’s background:

It was tossed around in our live set for a few months before finding its final form on analog tape during a recording session in January. The song was written during a hectic transitional period and deals with loss in several forms. Whether it be the loss of life, love or a combination of the two, one’s sense of self becomes clouded. Left in the wake of what once was, dissociating can feel like the only answer.

In the absence of a positive force or loved one, their presence can still be felt in the most subtle ways, prodding us forward and propping us up. Gone away, but still a distant participant in our lives. In the end, we’re better for it.

“Better for It” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of July 2019’ Spotify playlist.

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