INViDA, Juliette Reilly, Muza – “Chameleon”


“Chameleon” is a lush, melodic pop collaboration from INViDA, Juliette Reilly, and Muza. The serene verses build to an energetic drop at the one-minute mark, the “always turning into someone new,” vocal hook playing well. The track pursues a straight-shooting song structure, though that plays well within the hypnotic, tropical-pop mold. INViDA (aka David Schoenwetter) is a NYC-based pop and dance music artist, producer, and songwriter. Muza is a duo also hailing from NYC. Juliette Reilly is a rising singer/songwriter from NJ, presently living in Nashville. They all combine for a solid effort here.

The artists elaborate on the track’s themes below:

Chameleon celebrates the importance of being yourself. The character in the song unapologetically uses the metaphor of being a Chameleon to describe her many moods and sides of her personality (i.e. – “Colors”). Even though the road isn’t always easy, we always have to stay true to who we are. You should never allow people to put you in a box, label you, or force you to be someone that you’re not, because in the end you only truly belong to yourself.

“Chameleon” and other memorable tracks released in June can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2019’ Spotify playlist.

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