Jane In Space – “Thru the Vines”

“Thru the Vines” is a track released on May 31st from Brooklyn electro-industrial act Jane In Space. The track comes with a video, directed by Permian Strata, that reflects the track’s growing energy. “The previous few songs on the EP have a slow-building tension to them,” Strata explains. “And then “ThruThe Vines” bursts through with this primal energy. In the video, the main character does literally that–he bursts into a ball of energy and hurdles through the ether, surrounded by an incomprehensible reality. I used optical feedback as a means of generating patterns that create the feeling of falling into the abyss.”

The track comes via the band’s Gorerunner EP, available to stream on Spotify here. “Thru the Vines” features versatile vocal performances, ranging from the verses’ relative nonchalance to the chorus’ pleading emotion as the two-minute mark approaches. The buzzing bass and various production effects do well in carrying this aesthetic. “‘Thru The Vines’ had a very desperate feel to it so I really wanted to push a sense of unease sonically,” says the track’s co-producer/mixer Keith Hillebrandt. “I really focused on the distant and detached elements so they weren’t in you face, but you knew they were there, hiding.”

“Thru the Vines” and other memorable tracks from May can also be streamed on Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of May 2019’ Spotify playlist.

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