Leopard Tuesday – “Dog Door”


“Dog Door” impresses with an intriguing dream-pop sound. Angelic vocals lead the way, with occasional doses of spoken-word elegance. A bouncy synth backing accompanies the loopy arpeggio, amidst a Beach House-esque guitar tone. The track is from Leopard Tuesday, a project based out of Provo, Utah. An added robotic effect on the vocal presence, just after 02:30, adds an enjoyable dimension — one that intertwines dream-pop sentiments with synth-pop nostalgia, with stellar results.

One half of the duo elaborates on the track below:

Me and my wife Megan wrote this song together, and it was the first song I have self produced. It allowed me to take a less traditional song structure, and experiment with synthesizers and reverb more than I would ever have been able to at a professional studio. My wife’s voice sounds so angelic when she speaks on this song. At the time I recorded it, I didn’t have a bass guitar available, so I tuned my guitar to drop C, and ran it through the ladder filter on my Moog Grandmother, and a chorus pedal. The lyrics are a bit abstract, but are from the perspective of our cat Tuna, who ran away after we adopted a cat from the shelter.

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