Premiere: Fevergreen – “Cluster Headache”


Atlanta band Fevergreen impress thoroughly on their new EP Phased Portraits, the follow-up to their 2018 album Us in Full Bloom. This EP marks an expansion into a full band for Fevergreen, with guitarist Patrick Lim, bassist Chris Senador, and saxophonist Anthony Martin joining the original duo of songwriter/guitarist Austin Vos and drummer Colin Vana.

Compared to the previous album, which touted more studio-centric and layered production, the EP was written and recorded to be performed live. Thematically, Phased Portraits explores “life’s unstable nature — and the acceptance of it.” Vos elaborates: “Phased Portraits features a collage of subjects with an overarching theme that life will never exist in a static state the way a portrait does in a gallery. Moreso it will ebb and flow, going through the motion of highs and lows.”

We’re happy to premiere one of the EP’s highlights, the consuming “Cluster Headache.” Dreamy guitars and a lush, caressing bass line accompany mellow vocals — with a striking escalation in emotion toward the latter section. Aesthetically, I’m fondly reminded of Richard Hawley’s “The Ocean.”

Stream the Phased Portraits EP on Spotify.

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