Altin Mikrofon – “Follow The Muse (Song For R Stevie)”


“Follow The Muse (Song For R Stevie)” is certainly an effective homage to lo-fi/DIY pioneer R. Stevie Moore, emphasizing colorful psych-pop melodies within a lovably bedroom-pop arsenal. Deriving from artist Altin Mikrofon, this track also reminds of The Beach Boys circa 1977’s Love You, reflecting a spacey sort of pulsing pop. The vocal harmonies at 01:37, especially, are very Brian Wilson-esque. Like Ariel Pink and other talented modern admirers of Moore’s output, Altin Mikrofon does a fantastic job aesthetically while strutting creative melodic ideas. The “follow the muse,” conclusion plays with a delightfully addictive pull.

Mike Mineo

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