Posted September 5, 2019 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Micky Blouse – “Chaucer”

After impressing with retro-pop gem “I Wonder” in April, “Chaucer” is another melodic success from Micky Blouse, hailing from Sheffield, England. “Chaucer” features a more swirling guitar presence, in addition to Micky’s familiar pop-friendly vocal punch. The “kinda funny,” chorus and the vocal punch at 01:33 especially succeed, enticing replays and reminding of Smith Westerns. I’m looking forward to more from this act, especially with an EP set to release in the coming months.

“Chaucer” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of September 2019’ Spotify playlist.

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