Posted October 29, 2019 by Mike Mineo in Folk

Deepest Bison – “Rider”

The fantastic “Rider” is a reverberating folk track from Minneapolis-based recording project Deepest Bison. Releases to date share a fondness for hypnotic textures, steeped in folk-friendly acoustics and occasional doses of synths. (Sandy) Alex G is a nice point of comparison, with “Rider” also exuding a sort of George Harrison-esque character in its stirring guitar presence. The vibrant acoustics combine with a suave lead and ghostly backing vocals, with striking backing effects — at the two-minute mark in particular — evoking a strong emotional pull. “Rider” is a gorgeously constructed track from Deepest Bison.

Deepest Bison has a variety of goodness on Bandcamp. Recent recommendations include the album Ghost Planet, which touts the artist’s synth-laden incorporation, and the more folk-forward six-track Six Sisters.

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