Good Days – “Indigo”


Good Days’ latest color, “Indigo” is the latest in the band’s ‘ROYGBIV’ singles collection. The multi-layered vocal exultation at the 30-second mark kicks the track into gear. From here, the shimmering, bouncy qualities are in abundance. Fit for sunshine, like most Good Days tracks, “Indigo” also shines brightly during the wordless vocal and enthusiastic guitar interplay, approaching the two-minute mark. Good Days have yet to disappoint in this ‘ROYGBIV’ series — with “Indigo” the most recent success.

The band writes the following about the track:

Indigo is about AMBITION. It takes great risk and hard work to materialize our dreams. There are so many opposing forces we encounter. Ourself being the toughest. Counterintuitive to opposition, embrace your limitations with integrity. Love is our most valuable skill. Though some will try, no one can take it from us. Sharpen it and share it. Self love and relationships will build your dreams. You are your greatest masterpiece. Win the war within yourself and watch the war outside disappear.

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