Blue Sails – “Chosen.”


Brothers Max and Mitch Bell form the project Blue Sails, whose engaging new track “Chosen.” touts a nocturnal soundscape, post-punk guitar tones, and shimmering synth-laden hooks. The project first caught my ear in 2017 with the track “I Used to Try.” Today marks the release of “Chosen.” — building from quainter beginnings to an emotive synth-touched dramatic hook past the one-minute mark. The murkier verses and more effervescent hook contrast well, while remaining structurally cohesive. “Chosen.” is a pleasant success from Blue Sails.

The duo elaborate further on the track below:

Overcrowded bars and blurry streets are the settings for cinema-inspired lyrics, while soaring synths and a crystalline arpeggiator narrate fresh infatuation. We wanted to capture the tension between public social discomfort and private social longing without sacrificing the groove, as we felt called to do something funky on the bass guitar.

This track is also the product of a complete transformation in our creative process. While our debut album was conceived in a fog of abstraction and mysticism, this song was born of the world. Together we explored the concrete details of urban nights while attempting to imbibe feelings from our own personal experiences in order to motivate not only the lyrics, but the soundscape.

“Chosen.” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2019’ Spotify playlist.

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