Lady Moon & The Eclipse – “Le Petit Prince”


Touting a cosmic vein of funk and soul, “Le Petit Prince” is a blissfully atmospheric and grooving track from Lady Moon & The Eclipse. Off the New York-based project’s forthcoming debut album Journey to the Cosmic Soul, the track was written as an ode to Prince. “We wanted to channel a musical piece and visual concept that would share the beauty, originality, and celestial genius that he possessed,” Lady Moon (Ngonda Badila), the project’s leader, says. “The ‘Cosmic Soul’ is the portal to infinity. The gateway to your true identity among the stars.”

The third release thus far from the album, following “Global Warning” and “Star Gazing,” it’s exciting to hear what this act is accomplishing. The track wastes no time, injecting spacey synth tones and bustling rhythms immediately. A bass-heavy murkiness follows, with consuming vocals leading to the re-emergence of spacey tones about a minute later. The track’s mid-section shines brightly, particularly the effervescent, string-laden “take me to the sky,” section around the three-minute mark. A nonchalant vocal sample over a funky bass helps cohesively pave the way to the track’s soaring conclusion. I’m excited for Lady Moon & The Eclipse’s upcoming album.

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Indie Funk, Soul, and R&B.

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